Saturday, 15 July 2017

Lake District Live 2017

As with the same show last year, I travelled down to the Lakes with my friend (and new owner of Magpie Models) Heather, though this time we had an extra travelling companion in Magda, who I'd seen last a few weeks prior at the RHS. She didn't currently have any Julips, but we assured her from personal experience that she'd manage to acquire at least one in the spares. :P

The journey was good, save for that one time the sat-nav directed us around the world's smallest roundabout! (which was literally a clump of grass in a very narrow country lane!) We were staying somewhere different from our usual room at the George Washington pub, this time we'd be at the Arnside Independent Hostel  overlooking the estuarine Morecambe Bay.

We arrived in good time; so good in fact that we were far too early to book in, so we went for a wander instead.


Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Photobucket missing photos - heads up!

As some of you may know, Photobucket has decided, in their wisdom(!) that they'd like to charge their users an exorbitant fee ($300 a year!)for the privilege of using them as an image host, - which, frankly, is their only purpose as a website - and aren't letting some of those with higher views work until I pay up. At the moment it's still free to use to store your images but it looks like they're going to start charging people to allow them to post stuff on forums and websites.

I'm definitely not going to do that, and instead I'm going to find a new host and move things there, but as I have thousands of (mostly old) images, this may take some time so please bear with me!

Some of my old photostories on my other blog are now completely ruined, but I've managed to download all the original images, (albeit low quality ones as PB resized them and I've since lost the original files) so I'll be able to fix them. Some of my reaction gifs and old photos of tack and things will be gone soon too so some of my older blog posts are likely to look a little strange for a while.

I'm hoping to upload those to another host in the coming weeks so all should be well eventually. The majority of my 30k+ photos are on Flickr, so they're safe at least.

Anyway, this is just a head's up to anyone who uses Photobucket  that it's probably wise to get copies of all your files! I've seen people wondering whether this is a last minute cash grab before they go bankrupt or something as it's just so extreme, so yeah, back up your stuff just in case!

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Royal Highland Show 2017 - #11 Mini Major

I don't quite understand the rules of the Mini Major class, other than the fact that there are teams of two - a young rider and an adult in the ring at the same time, trying to complete the course as fast as possible one after the other.

What I can tell you though is that it's exhilarating to watch - those ponies can't half shift!

Mini Major

Royal Highland Show 2017 - #10 Heavy Horse Turnouts

A fresh bag of doughnuts in hand, and aching feet, were not a good combination so we desperately needed somewhere to sit down for a while. I suggested we try for the main ring as the stands are often quieter later in the day and sure enough, we managed to find some good seats up at the back where we could rest our weary limbs and pig out on tasty food.

The Heavy Horse Turnout class was nearly finished, so we got some nice views of the teams as they trotted round the ring, chains and harnesses jingling.

Heavy Horse Turnout - Fours

Royal Highland Show 2017 - #9 Ponies, Ponies, Ponies! (and Clydesdales)

After the coos, we moved on to the big stable block at the back where all the Highlands and Shetlands are housed during the show. Unfortunately the Welshies and other pony breeds seem to be kept away from public view which is a real shame.

On the way there we spotted a few decidedly un-ponylike creatures as some of the Clydesdales were readied for the harness turnout classes later on.


Royal Highland Show 2017 - #8 Touch The Floof!

Ever since I started going to the show with Magda, who really loves cows, I've taken more of an interest in the cattle.

Highland Cows

More specifically the Highlands!

Highland Cows

 Highland Cows

Highland Cows

Let's be honest, how can you resist them?

Highland Cows

They've got heaps of character...

Highland Cows

Highland Cows

...and they're just...

Highland Cows

Highland Cows


Highland Cows

They were also incredibly quiet and mostly ignored the visitors, choosing to concentrate on their hay, but this wee calf didn't mind us touching all it's floof.

Highland Cows

Highland Cows

...and believe me, it was very floofy.

One of the Queen's bulls was there too, and he was quite the looker. I always like seeing black Highlands as they're a bit different and there's just something really appealing about them

Highland Cows

Though not quite as striking as the Belted Galloways, which are my second faves.

Highland Cows

(they're just not fluffy enough though. ๐Ÿ˜ข)

Next up, PONIES, PONIES PONIES! (and bonus Clydesdales)

Royal Highland Show 2017 - #7 Novice Riding Horses

While I was photographing the warmup ring, the others had already gravitated to the ring next door, where the Novice Riding Horse* class was in full swing. (*I think that was the class name anyway!)

Novice Riding Horse